Blog and Journal

Blog and Journal

The Centre maintains an active

The Centre maintains an active and insightful Blog series, which serves as a platform for the publication of articles furthering academic discussion. This initiative plays a crucial role in advancing the significance of research and academic rigor within the realm of Insolvency and Bankruptcy. By featuring diverse perspectives, the Blog series promotes a robust intellectual discourse on ongoing developments, providing an avenue for individuals to express their opinions and take a stance on pertinent issues. Moreover, it offers students a unique opportunity to contribute to the academic dialogue and actively engage in shaping the discourse surrounding IBC.

With a keen recognition of the pressing need and growing scope of insolvency, the Journal for Insolvency and Bankruptcy Law has also been launched. This scholarly publication aspires to emerge as a pioneering force in addressing the burgeoning concerns in this field, setting new standards for excellence in India. By providing a dedicated platform for in-depth analysis and research, the journal aims to become a frontrunner in advancing the understanding and knowledge surrounding insolvency-related matters.

The Centre plays a vital role in equipping stakeholders with the essential knowledge and skills required to effectively navigate the intricacies of the rapidly evolving legal landscape in this field. Through its comprehensive educational programs, it contributes significantly to the development and enrichment of individuals, enabling them to stay abreast of emerging trends, enhance their expertise, and successfully address the complexities inherent in the realm of insolvency.

In sync with the dynamic nature of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy regime in India and the world, the Centre continues to innovate and by starting new ventures and programmes aimed at significantly contributing towards such a framework.