What is Research Initiatives?

Research Initiatives

The sector of insolvency and bankruptcy

The Centre has been regularly dispensing knowledge in the sector of insolvency and bankruptcy by significant initiatives. Monthly newsletters collating recent developments ranging from circulars, notifications, judgements, orders etc., are prepared in order to apprise the academic circle of changes undertaken. Newsletter are available for public viewing on LinkedIn and Instagram.

Furthermore, modules consisting of varied topics under the ambit of IBC were created to facilitate the participants of the CIBS-IBBI Certificate Course in an attempt to ensure entire coverage is accorded to them.

Furthermore, as part of its commitment to enhancing accessibility and facilitating a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of insolvency and bankruptcy, the Centre conducts regular explainer series on Instagram. These informative sessions serve as a valuable platform to apprise students and individuals about the intricacies of this complex subject matter in a simplified manner. By leveraging the reach and engagement of social media, the Centre aims to promote widespread knowledge dissemination and empower aspiring learners with the necessary insights and foundational understanding of insolvency and bankruptcy.